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Did You Know???

  • The study shows that on its path from the testicles to ejaculation, sperm DNA can suffer major damage. Researchers said it may be possible to use sperm taken directly from the testicles to fertilize eggs so that infertile men can have children.
  • Doctors have known for decades that a small number of young children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder seem to outgrow it. The vast majority continue to face challenges and need support, said lead researcher Dr. Lisa Shulman.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 of those prescribed drugs asked their doctors for less expensive options. The rate was highest -- 40 percent -- among people without insurance,┬áCNN┬áreported.
  • Patients who get drug-eluting stents to open a blocked artery can stop taking aspirin after just three months, instead of the typical full year, and lower their risk of bleeding, a new study suggests.
  • The achievement is the latest by the U.S. Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine. Its aim is to take advantage of the body's natural healing powers to improve head/face reconstruction, the researchers said.